Post Mortem of @realDonaldTrump: An Introduction

Accidental Disinformation Researchers

Macro View of Re/Tweeting Patterns

The Hour of the Day (US Eastern Time) is plotted on the x-axis and the y-axis includes the years (2015–2021).
Figure 1. @realDonaldTrump’s tweets and retweets since January 1, 2015. Number of tweets and retweets total 38,111, including 1092 deletions).

Increasing Volume over the Years

Daily Patterns of Re/Tweeting

A bar chart with the Hour of the Day on the x-axis and Total Number of Tweets and Retweets on the y-axis for all tweets.
Figure 2. Chart shows the distribution of tweets and retweets made over the 24-hour daily cycle

Patterns Of Deleted Re/Tweets

A bar chart with Hour of Day tweeted or retweeted on the x-axis and the Percent of Deleted Tweets or Retweets on the y-axis.
Figure 3. The distribution of self-deleted tweets and retweets over a 24-hour period. Tweets and retweets in the early hours of the morning were more likely to be deleted than those made during the workday.
A scatterplot showing clusters of deleted tweets as happening before 9am and after 9pm until 2020 when the pattern changes.
Figure 4. Self-deleted tweets and retweets by year (Y-axis) and time of day (Eastern Time). @realDonaldTrump begins deleting workday tweets in 2020. (The data set did not report deleted tweets in 2015, so this only can report from 2016-on)

Overview of Gaining Follower Counts

This rugplot is the same as Figure 1, but with another depiction of follower counts on the left, which increases over time.
Figure 5. @realDonaldTrump’s re/tweet frequency since January 2015, with accumulated follower count. (Follower count data from

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