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University of Colorado information scientists reporting on the influence of the 45th US President’s defunct Twitter platform


  • Shiva Darian

    Shiva Darian

    researcher, philosophile, aspiring explorer

  • Becky Vand

    Becky Vand

  • Leysia Palen

    Leysia Palen

    Professor of Information Science & Computer Science, Univ of Colorado. Disasters, Tech, Teaching, Research—and other Risky Things.

  • Florin Badita

    Florin Badita

    Tedx Speaker, Forbes 30 under 30 Europe, European Personality of the Year 2018. Data geek, activist, social entrepreneur. I think all the time about efficiency.

  • jackboyte


  • Bridget Marie Blodgett

    Bridget Marie Blodgett

  • Sam Tingle

    Sam Tingle

  • Tomo Kawai

    Tomo Kawai

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